Chart-Hits September 1988

Chart-Hits September 1988
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Alle Chart-Hits im September 1988:

1. Girl You Know It’s True Milli Vanilli
2. Macho Macho Reinhard Fendrich
3. The Only Way Is Up Yazz

4. The Locomotion Kylie Minogue
5. You Came Kim Wilde
6. The Twist Fat Boys
7. Der blonde Hans Hannes Kröger
8. In The Air Tonight ’88 Phil Collins
9. Wiener Blut Falco
10. The Best Of Joint Mix Tolga Flim Flam Balkan
11. Hand In Hand Koreana
12. Fortsetzung folgt BAP
13. Push It Salt’n’Pepa
13. Another Part Of Me Michael Jackson
15. Dr. Stein Helloween
16. A Groovy Kind Of Love Phil Collins
17. Just For You Mixed Emotions
18. Touchy A-ha
18. Superfly Guy S-Express
20. Domino Dancing Pet Shop Boys

21. Im Nin’Alu Ofra Haza
22. Dirty Diana Michael Jackson
23. One Moment In Time Whitney Houston
24. Gimme Hope Jo’anna Eddy Grant
25. Hand in Hand Koreana
26. Indestructible Four Tops
26. Yeke Yeke Mory Kante
28. My Bed Is Too Big Blue System
29. Bamboleo Chico Chico
29. Patrona Bavariae Original Naabtal Duo
31. Roses Are Red Mac Band
31. Galbi Ofra Haza

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